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I am Dare Talvitie. As a kid I wanted to be a science fiction writer, and still do. My day job is a grumpy IT janitor, but at nightfall I slip on a cowl and a cape, and protect the universe by writing strange stories.

My debut novel, a new weird tale named Epäsoinnun periaatteet, came out in September 2015, but so far only in Finnish. I also write in English. My first English novel, a caving-themed suspense novel named Not the Dark that Kills You, is out now.

Not being the easiest person in the world, I try to avoid all walled gardens of social media. Therefore I have a very limited presence of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Ello. (I might have a bigger one on Diaspora, but have been too lazy to use my account there.) I can be emailed at dare at caving dot fi. Erratic updates can be found on the tent-protocol powered microblog service at on Mastodon at

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